Please note that card models do not refer to proximity card for access control, they are used instead for affiliation to sports associations and federations for insurance purposes. This is a country specific feature of the software.

To add a new card model: Settings - Card Models - Add Card Model


  • Name
  • Numerator¬†(if required). To see how to create a numerator click here


Save the changes

Please note that card models do not have a price nor an expiry date. In order to assign a price and set an expiry date, you should link a card models with a corresponding membership fee.

Important: the button Delete will delete the card model but it can only be used if the card model hasn't been linked with a membership fee/user profile. Conversely, the card model can be stored (Edit -> Store). This means that it will no longer be in use but it will be kept in the system for record purposes.