To manage the standard reports in the Reports section of Sportrick, just click on Settings - Reports - Add and select the data source for the report you intend to add or click on Edit next to the name of the report to change its settings.

The options available are:


In order to create/edit a report you will have to specify:

  • Name of the Report;
  • Columns: you can drag the columns in the box "selected columns" according to the data you require for your report;
  • Grouping: you can group various columns and set the ascending/descending order. Default closed groups: if you close a group its details will not be shown;
  • Total: according to the grouping you can select the columns to sum;
  • Parameters: you can add more filters to the columns for searches/data analysis;
  • User Rights: you can specify which users the reports will be available to (reports are only visible to Administrators but you can make them available to Users by adding their username in this section. Please note that Users must have been added first in Settings - User Management);
  • End: save changes