In order to create and manage new users, click on Settings, Users’ Management, click on Insert User and choose between:

Super User



A part from the Super User, the other roles have managing restrictions:

A Trainer can manage:

  • REPORTS: only assigned Standard and Custom Exports;
  • PLANNING: agenda of scheduled classes and class booking;
  • TRAINERS: whole section related to trainers.

A User can manage:

  • FRONT OFFICE: Search, Users' List, Sales, Payments, Documents, CRM and Proshop items
  • ACCESS CONTROL: access and exit control and access simulation;
  • REPORTS: assigned Standard Exports, assigned Custom Exports and Marketing;
  • PLANNING: agenda of scheduled classes, class booking, cancelled bookings, wait-list.

To add a new user, specify the email address as username and a password, pick a user group and then confirm.

The password is temporary, users will be able to change after they log in.

If the system does not confirm the creation of the user, it means that the email address specified has already been registered and a new one is required.


In the summary of all the users that have been created you will find two separate tables:

  1. Operator/Trainer: shows the users and the team they belong to. Available actions (click on Detail next to the username):
    • Edit: change the team the user belongs to
    • Reset Password: choose a new password
    • Delete: delete user
  2. E-Commerce: shows the users with an E-Commerce account. Available actions (click on Detail next to the username)::
    • Edit: change username 
    • Reset Password: the user can use this password to log into their E-Commerce account and change it again 
    • Suspend E-Commerce account of that user

In the table of the right there is a list of the accounts linked to that username (login details can be the same for more than one account, although the accounts are kept separate, one for each customer/operator)