Creation of a Gift Card

A gift card can be purchased by a user to donate to another user. 

To create a gift card click on Planning - Promotions - Gift Card - Add and specify the following details:


  • description: name of the Gift Card
  • code: code for the Gift Card e.g. HW17
  • type:
    •  multipack: the gift-card will be a multipack (e.g. one day pass)
    •  top up: the gift-card will be a wallet top up
  • item name: name of the previously-created multipack/wallet top-up 
  • store gift card: this will prevent the sale of the Gift Card but it will keep the related records, unlike the button delete that will permanently remove the gift card from the system.


  • barcode (optional)
  • price: sale price of the Gift Card
  • tax: please note that in order to make the most of Sportrick's potential, it is always recommended to assign a tax. Please click here to see how to create a tax

Click on OK to confirm the creation of the Gift Card.

: the button Delete will delete the gift card but it can only be used if the gift card hasn't been sold. Conversely, the gift card can be stored (Edit -> Store Gift Card). This means that it will no longer be in use but it will be kept in the system for record purposes. 

Code Generation for Gift Cards

Once the Gift Card has been created you can click on Generate Codes. 

A new window will pop up, where it will be necessary to enter:

  • the number of codes to be created in the first field on the left-hand side at the bottom 
  • the length of the variable part of the codes (maximum 20 chars) in the second field on the left-hand side at the bottom
  • if required, it is also possible to type in a prefix and suffix that will be added to the gift-card codes.

Once you have clicked on Create Codes and confirmed the operation, a new window will provide a summary and it will be possible to export the codes.

The codes will be exported on an Excel file. Each code corresponds to a gift card. The receiver of the gift card must be proso that it can be redeemed from the Front-Office window after the gift card has been sold.