Services can be sold individually without being included in a multipack. Please note that through this procedure it is not possible to sell additional services linked with the main service. In order to do so, or to book a service before selling it, please see here 

To sell and invidual service, open the user's profile, click on Sale -> Services -> Single Services. 

A table with the list of available services will appear below. The search can be quicker with the following filters:

  • activity
  • tags
  • resources

It is also possible to change the price of a service and apply promotions through the Options button.

To specify a seller click on the arrow next to Confirm Sale (the seller can be created from Settings -> User Management).

It is also possible to specify the seller after the service has been sold by opening the corresponding section of the user's profile (Purchased -> Services) and clicking on Info

Open the Accounting section and click on Edit to change/add a seller.