List of topics

  1. prerequisites
  2. introduction
  3. configuration of activities
  4. enable sales/renewals:
    • multipacks
    • courses
    • membership fee
    • services
    • proshop items
  5. activate notification about online purchase

1. Prerequisites

This manual requires a detailed knowledge of the following topics:

2. Introduction

Customers can purchase/renew their subscriptions and multipacks in full autonomy through the E-Commerce portal.  

IMPORTANT: only users with a registered profile in SPORTRICK can purchase memberships and enrol onto courses, since access credentials to use the online portal can be only provided by SPORTRICK. 

The only payment methods are NEXI or PayPal (card payments).

The user profile registered in SPORTRICK gets automatically updated with the customer's online purchases, that can be also tracked with reports.

3. Configuration of activities

To view which items can be purchased online, customers have to click on a button labelled with the name of an activity that can be used to group similar shopping options. Examples:

if customers click on the button named "swimming"...
...the system will show all the shopping options linked with the swimming activityfor example:
  • swimming school enrolment
  • private swimming classes
if customers click on the button named "fitness"...

the system will show all the shopping options linked with the fitness activityfor example:
  • gym membership
  • gym passes
  • passes for fitness classes
  • personal trainer packages
if customers click on the button named "tennis"...
the system will show all the shopping options linked with the tennis activityfor example:
  • tennis-court hire packages
  • private tennis classes
  • tennis school enrolment

To correctly configure the activity, click on Edit (or add to create a new activity) and open the E-Commerce section in the details of the activity. Then fill in the following fields:

  1. available for online shopping: by ticking this box, enrolments onto courses and multipacks linked with the activity will be available for online purchase
  2. E-Commerce name: alternative name for the activity that will be shown in the E-Commerce (optional)
  3. E-Commerce description: description of the activity that will be shown in the E-Commerce (optional). The description can provide further info to clients about what's on sale.

4. Enable sales/renewals


Click on Planning -> Multipacks -> Multipacks -> Detail -> More and select "Renewable Item" to enable the renewal of the multipack via the E-Commerce and "New Sale" to enable the sale of the multipack via the E-Commerce. 

Please note that the activity that identifies the multipack is mandatory, otherwise the multipack will not be visible for sale on the E-Commerce, even if the corresponding boxes have been ticked.

If the multipack has a price list, it will be necessary to select the corresponding option so that the desired price-list rows can be visible to the customer for purchase. 


While you are planning a course, you can already select the necessary options for online enrolments and renewals, as shown in the picture below:

 if the course has already been planned, it is always possible to activate the necessary configurations afterwards from the Course Summary.

The final step is to enable the enrolment onto the course via the E-Commerce from Planning -> Courses -> Course Sale.

Select the season and activity and then scroll the page until you find the table with all the available enrolments. Click on Edit to open the details and tick the necessary options. 

Please note:
  • customers will be able to enrol online only if the season the course has been planned on has already started. This means that if courses start in September but enrolments are to be available from June, the season must have June as starting date rather than September, otherwise customers won't see any course available to buy. Don't worry, classes will start on the date provided for the first sub-season
  • customers can only enrol for a single sub-season at a time via the E-Commerce. In case customers are entitled to a discount should they intend to purchase an enrolment for multiple sub-seasons, it will be necessary to create a promotion that will be automatically triggered when certain conditions apply. This requires a very technical knowledge. To speak with a SPORTRICK consultant about this option, please contact

Membership Fee

Membership fees can be sold online by activating the necessary options, as shown in the pictures below:


Services can be sold as a package for multiple bookings (multipack). 

As an alternative, clients can book an individual service and then pay the booking fee to confirm the booking. The latter option is described in details in the following manual: enable online booking.

ProShop Items

Currently ProShop items cannot be sold via the E-Commerce.

5. Activate notification about online purchase

It is possible to configure a template for notifications about online purchases that the system will automatically send to the customer/the reception. In order to do so, click on Settings -> Notification Templates-> Add and select the necessary option:


It is strongly recommended to follow the steps described in the specific manual to complete the configuration: Notification-Template Manual