Customers can purchase/renew their subscriptions and multipacks in full autonomy through the E-Commerce portal. The administrator can decide which items are going to be available for purchase/renewal.

In the details of every item there is an E-Commerce section with the corresponding options to be ticked to make it available for sale/renewal on the E-Commerce portal. 

Important: the E-Commerce visibility of the corresponding activity must be enabled, otherwise it won't be possible to find the subscriptions and multipacks associated with that activity. See more here

  • courses
    1.  while you are planning a course, you can enable its availability on the E-Commerce portal  

              if you haven't done it during the planning of the course, you can always activate it afterwards from the Course Summary                    (Planning - Courses - Course Summary - Detail - E-Commerce):

2. enable the E-Commerce availability for sale from Planning -> Courses -> Course Sale -> Edit:

  • multipack: click on Planning -> Multipacks -> Multipacks -> Detail -> More (please note that the related activity is mandatory, otherwise the multipack will not be visible on the E-Commerce, even if the corresponding boxes have been ticked). 

If the multipack has a price list, the individual rows that have to be available for E-Commerce sale must be selected (from Planning - Multipacks - Multipack Price List - click on Rows and then on Detail for each individual row. The required option can be found in the Options section