You can provide a user with access to the E-Commerce by opening their profile and clicking on Edit (under the profile picture)- Account

In the E-Commerce section, select the option to enable it

1) If the person is an existing user (Settings - User Management - E-Commerce) click on : and insert the corresponding email address

2) If the person is a new user click on:


and provide a password (the username corresponds to the email address specified in the profile info).

3) To prevent the person to access the E-Commerce with the current credentials, just click on:


To notify a person via email about the activation of their E-Commerce profile, click on:


The email will provide the link to access the E-Commerce environment.

Important: emails are not sent in real time, it might take a few minutes before the activation email is received.

You can also associate more accounts with a single user (by providing the same email to different user's profile. The email will be the User ID for the E-Commerce). After logging into the E-Commerce, the system will prompt the user to choose between two or more profiles (e.g. username: can be associated with John Brow's profile and Mary Brown's profile. In this way two or more people share the same credentials but they still keep different E-Commerce profiles).