List of Topics

  1. introduction
  2. how to use coupons for payment

1. Introduction

With SPORTRICK it is possible to use coupons for payment. A client can redeem the coupons that have been added to their user profile in the Coupon section.

With a coupon it is possible to apply discounts on the final price up to 100%.

Coupons can be assigned free of charge, sold or issued as refund.

When redeeming a coupon, the whole value must be used in a single transaction*

This means that clients can enjoy a discount or they won't have pay if the value of the coupon corresponds to the amount to be paid.

*Should the need arise to use a coupon for different payment transactions, it will be necessary to edit the coupon's value, so that it matches the amount to be paid and then assign a new coupon to the user with the remaining credit. Example: 10 passes for spinning cost 50£. The customer has a coupon worth 80£. By changing the value of the coupon to 50£, the passes will be sold free of charge and the remaining 30£ credit will have to be added into a new coupon.

2. How to Use Coupons for Payment

Open the Payment window in the user profile. Please note that for each option described below it will be possible to select more than one coupon. Coupons can be used as follows:

refund coupon or fixed-value coupons
  1. select the amounts to pay
  2. click on Redeem Coupon in the Payment section of the user profile
  3. click again on Redeem Coupon next to the coupon you wish to use 
  4. on the right of the screen you will see the updated amount. Click on Pay Now to proceed with the payment
flexible coupons 
  1. select the box corresponding to the coupon in the payment window
  2. select the items to pay 
  3. click on Pay Now 

IMPORTANT: coupons cannot be redeemed with E-Commerce payments!