Additional services are extra services on top of the main service or optional items sold with the main service (see the manual on the creation of services). This means that they cannot be sold independently from the main service. 


#1 main service: tennis court hired for 1 hour + additional service: tennis rackets and tennis balls

#2 main service: private classes with personal trainer + additional service: nutritional advice 

To create Additional Services -> Planning - Services - Additional Services - Add 


  • code: name of the additional service/item


  • Price
  • Tax (for more info about how to create a tax see the corresponding manual)


  • Available on E-Commerce
  • Web Description

statistic fields: to know more about this optional feature, please consult the corresponding manual


  • tags: useful for analysis and reports. To create a tag click on Settings - Tags - Item
  • issue whitelist access: automatic generation of a receipt with a barcode (to access the facility if access control is in use)
  • notes: notes about the additional service
  • unit: (e.g. inches, pounds, stones...)