Sportrick offers different standard reports. To open them, click on Open

Please note that you can export every report in the preferred format (Excel o Pdf).

You can edit the current reports or add new standard reports by clicking on Settings - Reports. Please note that reports in this section are only visible to Administrators unless differently specified in the details of the Report under User Rights (more info below).


  • add/remove columns: click on Settings - Reports - Edit - 2-Columns and drag and drop the necessary columns in the corresponding box, then click on 7-End to Save the changes; 
  • group results:  click on Settings - Reports - Edit - 3-Grouping and select the columns that will create a filter to group results. For example in the report for cash register closure it might be useful to group results by payment method or seller or payment date. It is also possible to define whether to show all the results in the report (tick "Default Closed Groups") or hide them (don't tick the box). Don't forget to click on 7-End to Save the changes! 

To see the results you will just have to click on the "+" symbol or on the "-" to hide them. 

  • show column total: click on Settings - Reports - Edit - 4-Total/Group Total to select the columns to sum up. It is also possible to calculate the average, the maximum amount and minimum amount. Don't forget to click on 7-End to Save the changes! 
  • additional filters:  click on Settings - Reports - Edit - 5-Parameters, select the column and click on Add to enable the filter of results for that column, then click on 7-End to save the changes. As shown in the picture below, it is possible to show only the selected results for a specific column of the report:

Example 1:Example 2:

Please note that in order to record the cash flow (in and out) for transactions other than sales (e.g. add coins to the cash register) you can use the Prime Entry, please click here to see how.