From Front Office -> ProShop you can sell various items(excluding subscriptions) both to existing customers and anonymous people (not registered in the system). 

Sale to a Registered Customer

Before selecting the item to sell:

  •  type in the customer's name
  •  or click on Scan Card 
  •  or if the customer is new and there is the need to create a profile, click on Add New Person. A new window will open up to fill in the details of the new user. Click on Add to save the new profile.

Sale to an Anonymous Customer

It is also possible to sell items to an anonymous person leaving the Person field blank and proceeding with the selection of the items to sell.

All the documents issued after anonymous sales via the Proshop can be found in a dedicated section that can be accessed by clicking on the Documents button.

Item-Selection Options

There are different ways to select the items to sell:

  • click on the corresponding quick button to select an item (if they have been divided into  categories while planning, they will appear in separate sections). On each button you can see the number of items available and the price. You can click multiple times on the same button to increase the quantity of items sold (i.e. to sell 2 pairs of goggles, click twice on the button);

  • click on Item List to see all the available items (you can also filter them by warehouse). You can click multiple times on Add to increase the quantity of items sold;

  • scan the barcode of the item and then click on the green button to add it to the shopping basket

  • more info about the sale of Gift Cards can be found here

Additional Options

Once you have selected one ore more items, they will appear on the right. 

  • To delete a single item from the shopping basket click on the X
  • To apply a promotion click on Promo. There are two options available:
    1. change the final price manually
    2. select an existing promotion. The system will automatically update the final price.

  • To empty the shopping basket click on Cancel Sale


To proceed with the payment, select the document template that will be issued after the sale and the location (point of sale). Then click on the desired payment method.

If the customer has a registered profile, it will be possible to pay with the credit of the e-wallet, through instalments and other methods of payment.

If the customer has a registered profile, it will be updated with the sale document in the document section and the purchased item/s in the ProShop section.