Clients can use the credit of an e-wallet as a payment method for their purchases.

To create a wallet click on Planning - Wallets - Add and specify:

  • Name
  • Credit type:
    • Time: the credit corresponds to a certain amount of time (minutes, seconds...)
    • Tokens: the credit corresponds to a certain amount of tokens
    • Money


Once you have created a wallet, you can click on Details and tick the box "Use for payment". This will enable clients to use the wallet for their purchases.

Please note that to activate this option you will have to contact a Sportrick agent ( or, if you have access to the VAR portal, click on Configurations -> Setting -> insert this code "10051" in the search field and click on Modify, then select YES. 

Top Up

Once a wallet has been created click on Top-Ups and then Add:

  • Code: name or identification code of the top-up (10 minutes, 10 tokens, 10£)
  • Value: value of the top-up: the value is mandatory. It is however possible to create one or more default top-ups and then change their value after they have been sold. So for example you can create only one top-up of 10£ and then change its value as needed after it has been sold
  • Category: e.g. Guest Pass. To add categories please see here
  • Price: sale price of the top-up 
  • Tax(always recommended to make the most of Sportrick's potential. In case of tax exemption create a tax with value = 0. Click here to see how to create a tax) 
  • Activity: it is recommended to always link an activity to make the most of Sportrick's potential
  • Tags: you can associate a tag or more to the top-up for analysis purposes and make searches quicker. More info about the creation of tags here 
  • Issue whitelist access: if this option is activated, a barcode will automatically be issued on the receipt for access control purposes 
  • Notes 
  • Unit (e.g. liters, ounces...)