Subscriptions that do not require full attendance for a specific period (e.g. six-month swimming course to learn how to swim) can be sold as a multipack.

Multipacks can be divided into two categories:

- subscriptions with no credit deduction

- passes with credits that will be deducted at each access/booking

As seen in the pictures above, the first details required to create a multipack are:

  • NAME
    • Renewable
    • New Sale
    • Price, Duration and Credit
    • Multipack Price List

After that, it is necessary to add details to the multipack (Detail button)


  • Access type (previously created in the corresponding section). An access type is only required if access control is in use in the facility. If a multipack is allowing the customer to take part in classes only, there is no need to create an access type as the booking will be sufficient to open the gate/turnstile. Please also note that if there is an access type that does not include the afternoon and a client has booked a zumba class at 3pm, the client will still be able to access the facility because of their booking.
  • Amount to be deducted from the multipack for each access related to this access type. Example: an option could be to set 1 credit to be deducted for general access to the facility and 2 credits to be deducted for classes (see point 2).
  • Access-type priority. In case of more than one access type, it is possible to set which on has priority over the other.


In this section it is possible to add all the activities that can be booked by the customer:

  • Activity: activities included in the multipack
  • Tag: in order to quickly select activities to be included in the multipack it is also possible to filter them by tag. All those activities marked with that tag/s (in the course summary) will be included in the multipack

  • Credit: leave 0 if no credit will be deducted for the booking of the activity or set a value: e.g. 2 credits for yoga, 1 credit for zumba...
  • Booking Limit: if in the row of the price list a booking limit has been specified, the box must be ticked for the limit to be applied to this multipack

Click on Add and the activities included in the multipack will appear in a table.


It is possible to add a wallet to the multipack, that is, credit that the customer can use included in the price of the multipack:

  • single top up
  • unlimited credit


The multipack can also include services that can be unlimited or have some credit deducted for each booking. It is also possible to set a maximum number of bookings (in the corresponding price-list row)


  • Name of the multipack
  • Store multipack (no longer possible to sell it)
  • Use in optional price list rows: if the box is ticked, this multipack can be sold as optional price-list row 
  • Notes

Please click on the yellow button to save the changes


  • Price or Price List
  • Tax


  • Disabled: the multipack will not be automatically renewed after its expiry
  • Default Settings: default notice period for the automatic renewal of the multipack
  • Notice Period: customised notice period for the automatic renewal of the multipack
  • Automatic-Renewal Cancellation from the Web: if enabled, the automatic renewal of the multipack can be cancelled online


It is possible to add optional fields for analysis purposes and reports to filter multipacks by key words


  • E-Commerce Availability
    • Renewable Item: make the multipack renewable via E-Commerce
    • New Sale: enable sale of the multipack via E-Commerce
    • Booking: enable booking via E-Commerce
  • E-Commerce Description: description of the multipack visible on the E-Commerce
  • Time Validity of Deduction: valid time frame for the client to access into the facility/area again without a further deduction of credit.
  • Activity: in order to be able to sell a multipack via the E-Commerce, it is mandatory to link it to an activity, which can be also useful for reports and data analysis

Click on Save to avoid losing the changes.

  • Suspensions

It is possible to suspend a multipack for a specified period due to various reasons. The multipack will be valid again after the period of suspension has ended. 

To add a suspension click on Add and select a suspension, then click on OK.

Please note that by adding a suspension to a specific multipack no other suspension type will be available. 

It is also possible to apply a suspension to a multipack from the user's profile by picking the required suspension type from the drop-down menu. Conversely, if a multipack has been linked to a specific suspension type in the planning, it will not be possible to apply a different type of suspension.