With Sportrick you can create quotes that will be proposed to the client without purchase obligation.

The quote will be saved in the person's profile until the client makes a decision. 

Quotes can be also useful to develop a CRM strategy.

A quote can offer a choice of services or multipacks.

The steps below better clarify how to create and use a quote.

Creation of a Quote

Before you present a customer with a quote, you will have to create a quote template (Settings - Quote Templates).

Open the user's profile and click on Quotes - Add and provide the following details:

  • Quote type: select the quote template
  • Description: name or details of the quote
  • Number: number of the quote. Select "Auto" for the automatic selection or insert the number of the quote manually
  • Starting date: start of the validity of the quote
  • Last day: end of validity
  • Consultant: person responsible for the quote. Only this person can edit it.
  • Notes

then click on Ok to confirm.

If you click on the button next to the name of the quote, you will notice that the window has now an additional section to add items to the quote. You can change the price before adding each item or even later by clicking on the Edit button next to the item name. 

As you can see, all these entries are marked as "prescribed". This means that the customer doesn't have to pay in advance for the whole package. As they are prescribed, the customer can choose to enjoy the whole offer or just some of the items included in the quote and consequently pay separately for each single one. To remove an item from the quote click on Delete.

If the client is happy with the quote, it must be confirmed by clicking on Details (next to the name of the quote) and ticking the box.

Please note that to edit the quote it is necessary to untick the Confirmed box and tick it again to confirm the quote.

Remember: only the person indicated as Consultant can edit the quote.

The icons next to the quote description indicate the status:

  • green: the quote has been confirmed
  • white: the quote hasn't been confirmed yet