In the home page of the E-Commerce, the classes already booked are shown in the user's agenda.

In the Home Page there are two buttons to open the booking window

Click on New Booking to see the classes available for booking and click on the desired class

The classes will be highlighted in different colours according to the number of current bookings:

  • green: high availability
  • yellow: low availability
  • red: fully booked. If a class is fully booked it is still possible to click on it and add the customer's name on the waiting list (if enabled)

After clicking on a slot in the agenda and clicking again on the name of the class to confirm the booking the system will add the class to the user's agenda.

In the Agenda of the user there is a list of all the classes that have been booked with two options:

  1. invite a friend to the class: click on Invite and select friends from the list to send out the invitation;
  2. delete the class: some classes cannot be deleted due to the booking-cancellation deadline (see Settings -> Main Settings -> Social Booking -> Notice Required to Cancel Booking) 
  3. take part in the class: if the person is on the waiting list and someone cancelled their booking, the person can click on Take Part to be moved to the list of participants (for standard waiting lists only). The Delete button will remove the user's name from the waiting list without booking the class.