The white list allows a different option of access in addition to the membership card. 

An anonimous ticket works as a pass to grant access to the club (a barcode reader is required).

To manage the white list click on Settings -> Main Settings -> Entries -> White List and tick the box to Enable the White List.           

To create barcodes and print them, click on

Creation of a white list

Creation of barcodes

specify the number of codes to be created and click on the yellow button. Every creation of barcodes will have its own numeration. 

Print Barcodes: to print barcodes in PDF format or export them in Excel format the session number is required. Tick the box to print/export the active codes only.

Delete Barcodes: you can delete all active barcodes of a session.

The system also provides an overview of the barcodes created, the active ones and the used ones.