In the details of every item for sale there is an E-Commerce section with the corresponding options to be ticked to make it available on the E-Commerce portal. 

Important: the activity must be enabled for the E-Commerce! See more here

  • courses
    1.  make the course available on the E-Commerce during the planning of the course 

              or after in the Course Summary (Planning - Courses - Course Summary - Detail - E-Commerce):

2. make the course available for E-Commerce sale from Planning -> Courses -> Course Sale -> Edit:

  • single class: click on Planning -> Courses -> Price Lists -> select the Season and Activity to see the table if you have already created a price list or fill in all the other fields (the price must be bigger than 0. Those values will not be important as they will not be taken into consideration but they are a necessary step to set the price of a single class) click on Detail:
  • multipack: click on Planning -> Multipacks -> Multipacks -> Detail -> More (please note that an activity must be selected, otherwise the multipack will not be visible on the E-Commerce, even if the corresponding boxes have been ticked)