Once the sale has been confirmed, the system will bring you to the main page for payments. 

You can decide to make the customer pay for all the items on the list or just select specific items. 

The unselected items will remain on the list and they will be available for payment any time.

If you have multiple points of sale you can select one from the drop-down menu (see here to set up a new p.o.s.)

When you click on Pay Now, a new window will pop up.

Here you can proceed with the payment or you can still amend some details. 

If they holder is different from the payer, you can set up a payer by typing their name in the Personal Info box under "Payer Details". Please note that the payer must have a profile in the user database. 

Let's imagine that x is going to attend to a swimming course for children but x is too young to pay for the course, so y will pay for it.

If x wants to enroll on a tennis course as well, the system will suggest y as default payer (payer details can always be changed).

It is also possible to select the payment method and add notes. General notes (marked in red in the picture) are for internal use only, which means they won't be visible on the document issued after the purchase.

Once everything is ready for the payment to be confirmed, click on

the system will automatically open up a summary of all the documents related to the user's purchases.

For payments via e-wallet and installments, please see the corresponding sections: