In order to add items you will have to click on Planning - ProShop - Items - Add

and specify:

  • Code
  • Description
  • Category


  • Price
  • Classification:
    • Brand: brand of the article previously added in the Settings - Value List - Brand (optional)
    • Activity: activity associated with the item (optional)
  • Warehouse:
    • Barcode: barcode of the item (optional)
    • Stock: if you tick the box "Manage Stock" the system will check the availability of the stock for the item (optional)
    • Price: purchase price of the item
  • Web
    • E-Commerce availability
    • Web description
  • Statistic Details: useful to filter items for reports and analysis
  • Various:
    • Tags: (optional) you can associate a tag to the item for statistics. The tag must first be created in the Settings -> Tag 
    • Issue whitelist access: Issue a barcode to be printed on the receipt for a single access.
    • Notes
    • Unit: e.g. litres, kilos, pounds, ounces, gallons...