To create a catch-up type to manage missed classes click on Add and specify:

  • Name
  • RULES: 
    • Rule 1: limit of catch-up classes for each sub-season of the course.
    • Rule 2: catch-up classes available only in case of absence.
    • Tags: tags can be automatically associated with a catch-up class for searches to be quicker.

It is advisable to assign an automatic tag to the class to be able to easily differentiate between clients who booked a catch-up class and regular attendees. To create a catch-up tag ->  Tags

    • Activities: in order for catch-up classes to be available for booking, you will need to add the corresponding activity/ies in this field. If you tick "Include the same activity of the main package", catch-up classes will be available for the activity/ies included in the course the client has paid for.

For clients to catch up classes it is necessary to enable this option in the Sale Type of the Course. Just select the Course and click on Confirm, it will appear in the summary below (if already created). Click on Edit and select the catch-up type, then click on OK.