Closures prevent the system to plan activities during a certain period (e.g. Christmas break, maintenance...)

Available closure types:

  • facility
  • area/s (first specify a facility and a drop-down list with all its areas will appear below)
  • suspend a course
  • suspend the availability of an operator (sick leave, holidays).

Each closure requires the following details:

  • Type
  • Facility
  • Course
  • Operator
  • Description
  • Facility
  • First day of closure
  • Last day of closure
  • Closed from (hour)
  • Closed until (hour)
  • Store

For closures that last 24 hours type 0.00 as starting time and 23.59 as end time.

You can plan an activity during closing time/day by following the steps below:

  • store the closure (tick the box)
  • plan the activity
  • reactivate the closure once the activity has terminated (untick the box "Store")