With Sportrick it is possible to set up the automatic print of a specific document template according to the type of tax of the item sold. 

This means that the sale of an item associated with a specific tax will prompt the automatic print of the specified document template.

Please note that in this case, the automatic print is linked with the tax of the item. The default document template for sales from the Front-Office, Proshop and E-Commerce enviroment is set up elsewhere, please refer to this link: How to set up default documents for sales

Please follow the below steps to associate a specific tax with a specific document template:

  1. create a document template. Please don't forget to assign a document numerator
  2. create a tax
  3. assign the tax to the item/s on sale (click here to see how)
  4. click on Settings -> Tax -> Advanced Management -> Edit
    • click on Edit in the table at the bottom of the page 
    • select the document template that will be automatically printed when an item associated with the selected tax is sold:
      • standard: document issued automatically after every payment from the Front-Office
      • automatic: document issued for automatic recurring payments (SEPA/Credit Card) or payments via E-Commerce
      • wallet: document issued automatically for payments with the E-wallet
      • credit note: document issued for refunds. Please note that is it necessary to activate the corresponding option in the details of the document template in order to use it as a credit note (Settings - Document Templates - Settings - select the Credit Note box and save the changes)
  5. click on OK to save changes