If the user's profile already has the necessary SDD info (IBAN, BIC, BANK..), they will be available in INFO -> SDD INFO-> DETAIL


click on Detail to see: 
1) details of the customer's account for SDD payments 
2) related SDD payments linked to the account

  • Mandate ID: code that identifies the mandate; the mandate is the authorisation to charge the payements via SDD
  • Date of Subscription of the Mandate
  • Debtor's Iban: Iban code used to charge SDD payments
  • Debtor's Bic: identification code of the debtor's bank;
  • Debtor's Bank: name of debtor's bank;
  • Debtor's Name: name of the customer that will be charged
  • Notes

Click on the arrow to show more options:

  • freeze: the account details for SDD payments will be suspended but they can be enabled for SDD payments again (if necessary); 
  • delete: once deleted, new details must be provided for SDD payments;
  • set as default -> the default account for SDD payments is marked with the green icon. You can change the default account for SDD payments by clicking on Set as Default (on the corresponding row).