After SDD files have been created, they must be uploaded and sent to the bank to set up SDD payments.


  • Reports -> Back Office -> Create SDD files;
  • select the dates and click on FILTER;
  • select the necessary SDD payments from the list; 
  • click on Create SDD Files

The system will create and download the corresponding xml file that has to be sent to the bank for the approval of payments.

Before creating the SDD files, it is possible to edit the info listed below by clicking on DETAIL:

  • Mandate ID: identification code of the mandate, which is the legitimation of SDD.
  • Mandate Subscription Date
  • Debtor's IBAN
  • Debtor's BIC
  • Debtor's Name
  • First time IBAN is used for an SDD payment?
  • Suspend Payment: by clicking on this button, all the payments linked with this account will be suspended

Click on OK to save any change

Service Charges

Service charges are automatically applied during the creation of the SDD files.

If the client decides to pay an instalment directly at the reception, the system won't apply any service charge. 

Please note that the configuration of service charges must be done by a Sportrick consultant.