With Sportrick it is possible to unlink a previously-created SDD payment (or an individual instalment) so that it won't be included in future SDD files and the customer can choose an alternative payment method (or the instalment can be deleted).

Warning: if the instalment has already been added in an SDD file the below procedure cannot be performed.

  1. Open the user's profile and click on the row of the item
  2. click on Accounting
  3. there is a summary with each instalment and the balance (click on the + near Balance to open up a summary of all the instalments) 
  4. to unlink an instalment or more from the SDD payment, click on the arrow next to the Edit button and click on Unlink SDD. Please note that to unlink the whole payment you have to unlink each single instalment first, otherwise if you unlink the balance, the other instalments will still need to be payed via SDD

In the payment window, the corresponding row of the instalment (or balance) will be available for other payment methods or it can be deleted.

Warning: irreversible action. Once the SDD payment has been unlinked it will not be possible to re-activate it again to pay this particular item. The procedure will have to be managed manually.