Waiting lists are not only available for single classes but also for the whole course.

In order to add one or more people to the waiting list of a course you will need to make sure that the waiting list is enabled for that activity (Settings -> Activity)

Once you have defined the criteria for your research, the system will provide the results in a table on the right.

Click on the required course and click on the button  to add people to the waiting list for that course:

Type in the name/s of the people you intend to add to the waiting list and click on Add. 

There are two options available:

  • waiting list for a specific course (e.g. swimming course on Thursdays at 6pm)
  • waiting list for the whole activity (e.g. the customer will be notified as soon as a space is available for any course related to that activity. So it doesn't have to be a specific course at a specific time on a specific day. So if the customer is on the waiting list for swimming (whole activity) it means that the customer will be notified when a space is available for the swimming course on Monday at 6pm, or Monday at 8pm or Tuesday at 6pm, etc.

Once the customer has been added to the waiting list, it will also show in the user's profile: