A TASK is the main tool for an efficient CRM.

Each task has the following details:


  • Description of the task
  • Type of task
  • Tags related to the task
  • Date of schedule
  • Time
  • User: operator responsible for the task
  • Outcome: outcome of the task

The History is useful to add notes to a task that has already been performed or to provide details for information only.

Through the CRM Dashboard you can add tasks or notes to the history.

You can do that in 3 ways:

1) click on the yellow buttons

2) click on a slot in the agenda

3) click on All Tasks *

* if you click on all tasks you will also be able to see a summary of all the tasks and filter them by date, user or type

once you have filtered them (or just leave all fields blank and simply click on Filter) all the tasks that have been scheduled will appear in the table below (you can sort them by person, task, date, user and so on, by double-clicking on the name of the corresponding column):

in the table you will notice three different symbols defining the status of a task:

  • Scheduled
  • Done

  • Cancelled


The action has been completed and it is only possible to click on details.

In the case below on the contrary, the task is scheduled and therefore pending. If you click on the button Next you can close it or schedule a new related task.

Once you click on Next you can select an Outcome and decide to close the task, close it by adding a note or carry on with a new action still related to this task.

The available outcomes for the task are: Cancelled, Negative, Positive or Sold

 If you decide to continue with the task, you can specify the type of the new task, add a tag, schedule a date and time and link it with a user that will be responsible to carry it out. 

Click on OK to save the changes.

For instance: Blanca's workout has been discussed and reviewed. Now the personal trainer wants to inform her about new supplements that might interest her. The next step will be to select "Continue with task", select "ProShop sales" as type, schedule a date and add some notes about the task.

Blanca is not interested in purchasing the supplements. The next and final step will be to click on "Next", select "Negative" as the outcome of the task and then select "Close".

The task will be marked as completed.

A cancelled task will be marked with the red symbol.

Please note that in order to see scheduled tasks in the agenda, the type of task has to be marked as visible 

Settings - CRM Tasks - Details 

Please also note that tasks cannot be deleted. They can still be marked as cancelled or it is possible to create a tag.