Click on Reports -> Back Office -> Issue Receipts for SDD Payments to massively issue receipts by following the steps below:

  1. Specify whether to use current date for the receipt or payment due date (it is advisable to use the latter only if the document template for SDD payments is different from the document used for standard payments) 
  2. Select the document template and where it will be issued (in case of multiple locations)
  3. Specify the dates to filter SDD Payments and click on Filter 
  4. Select one or more users and click on
  5. Once confirmed, the list of receipts issued for the selected users will be provided
  6. options available:

    • download the documents (max 50 at a time)
    • filter documents by name and surname of the client and by document type (search field)
    • click on Profile to open the customer's profile, where it will be possible to find the receipts issued in Documents
    • click on Print to have a paper version of the document
  7. click on End to go back to the general Back Office page.