SDD payments enable the customer to pay via direct debit.

After confirming the sale of an item, follow the steps below to set up an SDD payment:

  1. Create the instalments for the payment with the corresponding deadline (create instalments);
  2. Pay the balance selecting SEPA as payment type;
  3. A new window will request the payment details:

    • Mandate ID: code identifying the mandate (validation of SDD payments)
    • Mandate Subscription Date: date of the mandate
    • Debtor's IBAN: code that will be used to charge SDD payments
    • Debtor's BIC: ID of the bank
    • Debtor's Name: name of the customer who will be charged for SDD payments

In the table showing the details of the payment you can:

  • tick "Include in the payment" to include the instalment in the SDD payment
  • edit the date when the payment of the instalment is due¬†

The amount in the last row is the balance.