Sportrick's planning is based on the concept of Activity

To add all your activities, go to the Main Settings and click on Activities

Each activity can be described with:

  • Info
    • Name: name of the activity: e.g. Zumba;
    • Code: it's a short code for the activity that will show up in the calendar, e.g. Zu for Zumba (optional);
    • Colour: colour associated with the activity. It will appear in the Calendar and Reports
  • E-Commerce
    • E-commerce Sales: all items associated with the activity can be sold online via E-Commerce;
    • E-commerce Booking: all classes associated with the activity can be booked online via E-Commerce;
    • Check Skills: clients can only book classes corresponding to their skills;
    • E-commerce Name: name of the activity for the E-commerce;
    • E-commerce Description: description of the activity for the E-commerce
  • Statistic Details
    • Optional Fields: it is possible to specify up to 5 optional characteristics for the activity that can be useful for reports, analysis and accounting.

Example: by typing the word Swimming Pool in the Optional Field of all the activities taking place in the swimming pool, it will be possible to group them in a single category (Swimming Pool). By adding the word Course in the Optional Field number 2, it will be possible to create a sub-category.

Another activity could be "Private Swimming Classes". In this case the First Optional Field can be "Swimming Pool" and the Second Optional Field can be "Private Classes".

In a report, all activities can therefore be filtered by activities taking place in the swimming pool and the results can be additionally filtered to distinguish courses from private classes. 

  • More
    • Waiting List: a waiting list will be available for the activity in case of class overbooking;
    • Free Booking: customers can book an activity even if it's not included in their subscription or they are new clients;
    • Marketing: the activity is made public;
    • Target Analysis: the activity is a target for specific reports;
    • Stored: the activity will be stored so that it won't show during sales and booking operations;
    • Notes