To sell the items of a quote there must be a quote in the user's profile. The icon must be green, meaning that the quote has been confirmed (see the detail of the quote)

To sell the items from the quote, go to the Sale window in the user's profile and click on Quotes - Items from Quotes

The system will display a list of all the items in the quote and it is possible to select them all, some or just one.


After selecting items and before concluding the sale, it is still possible to click on Options to apply discounts, change the price or the starting day of the validity (which otherwise will correspond to the day of sale).

To confirm the sale click on the yellow button (click on the arrow to specify a seller different from the consultant assigned to the customer) 

Once the payment is completed it will still be possible to purchase other items included in the quote through the same procedure or remove them from the quote (the quote must be unconfirmed first to be able to remove items from it. Then close the window, click again on detail and open the items sections where the Delete button is now available).

After a service or a lesson has been booked, the status of the item in the quote will change from Prescribed to Booked.