All the user's coupons (purchased, gift coupons, refunds) can be found in the user's profile (Purchased -> Coupons). 

To add a coupon click on the corresponding button a choose a coupon. 

Click on "Ok" to confirm. 

In case of flexible coupons, the discount to be applied can be edited before clicking on OK.

After the coupon has been added to the user's profile it will be possible to use it during the payment procedure. 

Just select one or more items in the payment list and then click on Redeem Coupon: a new window will show the coupons available to the user that can be used to apply a discount on the final price,

It is possible to redeem more than one coupon at a time.

The system will automatically calculate the discounted price. To proceed with the payment click on Pay Now

After the payment the icon corresponding to the coupon will change to notify that the coupon has been already used for payment.

The coupon can be given to another user (in case the current owner is not going to use it) following the steps below:

Please note that this procedure is different from the Gift-Coupon procedure, as in this case the coupon will be given to another user free of charge. To sell a gift coupon to a customer for another user to enjoy, click here.

  1. In the Coupon section of the user's profile click on Info next to the coupon

        2. Click on Substitution and insert the name of the new user the coupon will be given to. Then click on OK to confirm the                             substitution.