If you click on

you can manage trainers and courses.


There are two options available:

  1. Filter Courses (you can filter them by season, day, activity and attendance)
  2. See Today's classes (only the classes of the courses that are taking place on the current date will be displayed)

1) Filter Courses

Once you have applied the filters and clicked on the button you can see a list of participants:

  •  if you click on List you can:
    • add a level to the course by assigning skills to the participants
    • move participants to another course. After selecting the people to move, the system will provide some filters for you to find the destination course:

                        the available courses will appear in a summary. Click on "Change Course" to move participants from the current course                         to the selected one.

  • if you click on Attendance you can see the summary of the attendance in the selected course/s. To mark the attendance just click on the day and tick the box, then click again on the day to save the changes. The table can be printed by clicking on the correspondent button.


The system will ask to pick an person who will replace the instructor assigned to a course according to the planning.

Now the system recognises you as Clare Paxton, therefore you can check your own substitutions or select the instructor you are going to replace.

Once you have selected the person, you can filter the courses by date and the system will provide a list of the courses assigned to the trainer you are going to replace. Select the desired classes and click on the button Replace.

If you click on own substitutions you will have a summary of the classes you are now responsible for with the name of the previous trainer assigned to them in the column "Assigned Instructor".