Info required for the creation of a service:


  • Service Name;
  • Description;
  • Activity related to the service;
  • Capacity: number of people that can enjoy the service;
  • Split the amount between all or some of the participants to the service. If disabled, the holder will be charged with the full amount required for the service;


  • Available for sale from;
  • Available for sale until;
  • Duration of the service;
  • Anonymous sale: the service can be sold to a person that is not member of the club (no user's profile);


  • Price;
  • Taxes;


  • E-Commerce Sale:
    1. Sale: the user can purchase a new service;
    2. Renewals: the user can renew a previously purchased service;
  • E-Commerce name;
  • E-Commerce description;

Access Control:

  • Use default settings;
  • Specify access time if you wish to set customised settings for a course/subscription/pass. You can:
    • set early access minutes before the beginning of the activity;
    • set late access minutes after the beginning of the activity;

Statistic Details: key words that can be used as filters for services in reports and analysis

To link additional services and resources to a service, click on the Detail button and then on Resources:

  • Resource: select an area/machine/person;
  • Tag: add a group of resources that will be chosen according to the availability/preference. 
  • Optional: by default, the resources that are added to a service are mandatory. For a resource to be optional, tick the corresponding box. As for additional services, these can be added in another window. If you pick an additional service in this section, the system will associate it with the resource previously selected. For instance, if the rental the tennis court is 10£ and the rental of the court including a private lesson with an instructor is 22£, the tennis court will be a mandatory resource and the instructor an optional resource selected with "private class" as additional service. When this service is sold, the client will be offered the possibility to choose whether to pay or not for the additional service (private lesson). If the additional service does not require a specific resource, please follow the steps below:
  1. in the window of the details of the service click on Plus, pick the additional service and select whether it is mandatory or not:
  • mandatory: this service will be automatically added to the main service;
  • optional: this service can be added to the main service if required;

       2. click on add