To make the suspension process automatic, you can create different types of suspensions according to your requirements by clicking on Planning - Multipacks - Multipack Suspensions - Add and specify:

- Code

  1. Solar Month (the minimum period of validity of the suspension is a solar month)
    • Validity (number of months)
    • Reference Period
      • Solar Year: the validity of the suspension refers to the current year. This means that if a suspension of 1 solar month is activated on the 15th of December, the last day of the suspension will be the 31st of December.
      • Subscription Validity: the validity of the suspension cannot exceed the subscription's validity. 
  2. Duration: validity of the suspension (days, weeks, months, years)

- Details:

  • Various: if you tick the box next to "Do you wish to add a Penalty for the suspension?" an additional fee will be applied. Once you have ticked the box a new button will be available for you to specify the amount to be charged for the suspension.
  • Web: E-Commerce availability

Difference between Solar-Month Suspensions and Standard Suspensions

Solar-month suspensions have a minimum validity of one month. If the value is set to 3 for example, there will be 3 suspensions available, each of which lasts one solar month.

The standard suspension instead, can be repeated without limitations: e.g. duration = 3 weeks, I can apply it once, and then apply it again for a total of 6 weeks suspension.