Price List

To create a multipack price list you will need to click on Planning - Multipacks - Multipack Price List - Add

and specify:

  • Code (name of the price list)
  • Price-list optional rows (if required. More info later)

Price-List Rows

Each price list is made up of standard rows and optional rows (when selling an item they can either be selected or disregarded).

Once you have added a price list, click on Rows and then Add to create the standard rows.


Info required:

  • General
    • Code: name of the standard row
    • Value: only for multipacks that require a deduction of credit for each access
    • Duration: validity of the multipack (Days, Weeks, Months, Years, Sub-Season, Season. Please note that sub-season and season must be created beforehand. Click here to see how) 
    • Price: sale price of the multipack
  • Options
    • Optional Rows: optional rows associated with the specific standard row only (if required. More info later)
    • Order: order of appearance of the row in the list (where 1 = first row of the price list)
    • Booking Limit: number of maximum classes/services that can be booked for those activities that include booking limitations
    • Advanced Booking Limit (full info here)
      • Enabled: booking limit applied on the whole multipack
      • Disabled: booking limit applied on the single activity that includes booking limitations

please remember to enable the following settings in the corresponding multipack, otherwise the booking limit won't work: 

  • Available on E-Commerce: if the sale is enabled, this particular price-list row will be visible for sale on the E-Commerce. If deactivated, it won't be available for sale on the E-Commerce.
  • Store: you can store the standard row so that it won't be an available option in the Front-Office when selling the corresponding multipack, but it will still be kept for record purposes. If you delete it instead, all records will be lost.

Daily Price

please note that the daily price will substitute the original value indicated in the price-list row. This means that, as shown in the picture below, the price-list row has a set price but during the specified sub-season the price will change (the specified daily price will be multiplied for the number of days in the selected period). See more here

Automatic Creation of Instalments

Please note that this option must be activated from the VAR portal: Configurations -> Settings -> Cod. 10104 - Multipack pricelist: Enable automatic installments / advances -> set the value on TRUE. To get the access credential to the VAR portal, please write to

Please create the price-list row first and then click on the Detail button to see this section. This option is useful for monthly payments that work like instalments automatically renewing every month (unless the client decides to cancel this option within the specified deadline). 

Optional Rows

Optional rows can be selected when required during the sale of a multipack. They can be linked to a whole price list or individual standard rows. To create optional rows (e.g.  discounts, additional services, etc.) click on the Optional Rows button.  

Important: after you have created optional rows, do not forget to associate them with a standard row or a price list! (Just click on the Detail button next to the price list or the price-list standard row and select the required optional row/s)

Once you have clicked on Add you will have to specify: 

  • Name: name of the optional price row
  • Price Type
    • Fixed: the value will be fixed, regardless of the validity selected in the standard row. It is also possible to insert a negative value for discounts e.g. -30£
    • Time: this option is useful to multiply the price for the selected amount of time. Example: select the option "time" from the menu, enter 10£ and select 1 month as time value. This means that by selecting this optional row, if the validity of the associated standard row or multipack is 3 months, an additional 30£ will be charged (10£ x 3 months). 
    • Discount: the final price in the standard row will be discounted. Important: the discount value will have to be preceded by a minus, otherwise the system will add the percentage value to the final price rather than discount it. e.g.: -15%
  • Basic Price: value/price of the optional row
  • Multipack: by linking a multipack to the optional row you will be able to sell it as optional addition to the main multipack (to find the multipack in the list you must go to the multipack's details and enable the corresponding option, see picture below).  Examples:
    • additional price for booking classes/personal trainer sessions
    • additional price for spa
    • additional free or discounted guest passes for friends

Another example of optional row associated with a multipack:

To include the optional sale of a locker every time a multipack is sold but keeping a difference in price for club members and non members and a difference in price according to the type of multipack, it is possible to associate the optional row with the standard row e.g.: non members pay 10£ a month for their lockers if they purchase 20 passes and 8£ a month if they purchase 30 passes, while members pay 8£ a month for their lockers if they purchase 20 passes and 6£ a month if they purchase 30.


  • Selected by default: the optional row will be automatically selected during the sale procedure
  • Sell separately
    • activated: the optional row will appear as a separate item in the sale document and in the payment window. This option can be useful for promotional Guest Passes for friends and relatives whenever a customer purchases a multipack. Selling the optional row associated with the Guest-Pass Multipack as a separate item from the main multipack makes the optional row independent. Therefore the Guest-Pass Multipack can be transferred to a friend/another client (see here for more details) 
    • deactivated: the price of the optional row will be added to the price of the multipack and only the total amount will be shown.