To create a price list you will need to click on Planning - Multipacks - Multipack Price List - Add

and specify:

  • Code (name of the price list)
  • Price-list optional rows

Each price list is made up of standard rows and optional rows (when selling an item they can either be selected or disregarded).

Once you have added a price list, click on Rows to create the standard rows.


Main details:

  • Code: name of the standard row
  • Value: only for price-list associated with passes
  • Duration: validity of the multipack (Days, Weeks, Months, Years, Season) 
  • Price: sale price of the multipack
  • Optional Rows: optional rows associated with the specific standard row only
  • Order: order of appearance of the row
  • Booking Limit: number of maximum classes that can be booked for those activities that include booking limitations
  • Store: you can store the standard row so that it won't appear in the Front-Office. 


You can add optional rows (for example for discounts or additional services) by clicking on the Optional Rows button

Once you have clicked on Add you will have to specify: 

  • Name
  • Price Type
    • Fixed: the value will be fixed, regardless of the validity selected in the standard row
    • Time: the value will be directly connected to the validity selected in the standard row. Therefore the price will have to refer to the single time unit
    • Discount: the final price in the standard row will be discounted (the discount doesn't apply to other optional rows you might have selected).
  • Basic Price: value/price of the optional row
  • Multipack: you can link a multipack to the optional row