A wallet is useful for clients to buy services.

To create a wallet click on Planning - Wallets - Add and specify

  • Name
  • Credit type:
    • Time: the credit corresponds to a certain amount of time (minutes, seconds...)
    • Tokens: the credit corresponds to a certain amount of tokens
    • Money


Once you have created a wallet, you can click on Details and tick the box "Use for payment". This will enable clients to use the wallet for their purchases.

You can also create different top-ups by clicking on the corresponding button next to the name of a wallet.

  • Code: name or identification code of the top-up (10 minutes, 10 tokens, 10 £)
  • Credit: value of the top-up

After adding the various options for each wallet, you can insert some info by click on the button Details next to the name of each top-up you have created.

Top-up details

  • Category  e.g. Guest Pass
  • Price
    • Price: sale price of the top-up
    • Tax
  • Web
  • Various
    • Tags: you can associate a tag to the top-up
    • Issue whitelist access: if this option is activated, a barcode will automatically be issued on the receipt for access control purposes 
    • Notes