In order to sell a course, it is necessary to set up a sale type.

There are two options:

  1. fixed mode
  2. free mode

the first one is the sale of a course that cannot be edited, whilst the second one is flexible and the seller can pick the days for the attendance to the course. 

Example: the belly dance activity is split into two courses according to the following combination of days:

  • Mondays and Wednesdays
  • Tuesdays and Thursdays

We have the option to create two sale types (fixed mode) for the two courses or one sale type including the 4 days of the week and it will be up to the seller to select which. Please note that it is important to select the corresponding number of days for the attendance. If a course has been planned as bi-weekly, you cannot select 3 days, otherwise you won't be able to sell it.

In order to create a sale type, please click on Planning - Courses - Sale Types and follow the steps below:

1) select Standard Package (Package of Classes is an obsolete version), the season and the activity. Click on confirm and pick the sub-season type (if any, depending on the planning of the course).

2) specify the weekly attendance (days of the week and number of days), then click on confirm

3) in case of free mode, mark the corresponding box and please select all the days of the week when the course is taking place and the number of days of weekly attendance (please refer to the planning of the activity)

4) specify the price 

  • fixed = total price of the course
  • discount = discount applied to the price of the course (the system refers to the price list of the course)
  • class price = price of each class. The system will then calculate the final price according to the number of classes of the course

5) in the table at the bottom of the page, the system offers a summary of all the sale types created. By clicking on Edit it is possible to change the name and also enable catch-up classes.


Standard Package: it is a sale type that cannot be amended during the sale procedure. 

If a package of classes has been created for Monday and Thursday with bi-weekly attendance, the customer will be allowed to attend these classes only on Monday and Thursday.

Free Mode: it is possible to select multiple days and during the sale procedure the operator can pick the desired days among those available according to the planning. If for example there is no more availability to enroll on the Monday course, there is still the possibility to pick another day (or combination of days if the package allows multiple-day attendance during the week). However, the free mode won't be available after the purchase, that is, the client cannot change the combination of days once the purchase has been completed.

Important: when the client purchases a course, the system automatically reserves all the classes of that course without need for booking.