New releases:

1) Additional area

There is an additional page in the planning window where it is possible to assign an additional area or more than one for a course: e.g. a swimming course might require a quick warm-up before starting to swim. Therefore we can add an area where the warm-up will take place and its duration.

In the summary window it is also possible to add more areas to a course by clicking on details - other collocations


2) Additional trainer (assistant)

The trainer responsible for a course can rely on an extra trainer for assistance. 

In order to add more trainers to a course, click on Planning -> Courses ->  Course Summary. 

Once you have filtered your courses, click on the detail-button and a new window will open up.

Click on Trainers and add an additional trainer or more than one. Click on OK to save changes.

Al termine dell’operazione, cliccare su Ok per salvare.