In this section (Planning - Courses - Course Planning) is where courses and activities are planned. This means the for every activity the following characteristics are specified:

  1. Season and Sub-Seasons
  2. Facility and Area
  3. Days and Time
  4. Capacity (maximum number of people allowed per class)
  5. Additional and Optional details

Example 1: Planning of an Activity

Example 2: Planning of a Course

A course can be planned on more periods (in the picture we see the four-month period Winter-Spring and the four-month period Autumn-Winter). This can be useful to apply a difference price according to the period the course will take place, the length of the course or simply to allow more flexibility during the planning, so that in case the planning changes it will be quicker to create a new timetable for the course. 

This can also be the case of activities. If I am sure that during the year all the activities in my club will take place at the same time on the same day I can plan them on the whole year, but I could also split the season in shorter sub-periods (weeks, months, semesters) to allow more flexibility in the planning of activities. To create more sub-seasons please click here.

After specifying the main details, it is also possible to set the skills for the course and specify if the membership fee and/or medical certificate are required to enrol.

Under the section "Other Collocations" it is also possible to plan an activity that is part of the main one selected at the beginning and that takes place soon after or before. Example: Main Activity SWIMMING takes place in the POOL. Ancillary activity WARMING UP takes place in the FITNESSS AREA 15 minutes before going into the pool. This means that they are considered as a single activity that takes up two or more different areas. To add other collocations click on the Add button next to the duration field. 

The Add button below is to confirm the planning of the whole activity.