Price Lists for Courses are useful to automatically price courses during planning. 

Please note that the creation of price lists for courses is optional as the price can be changed during the creation of course packages in the section Courses - Course Sale.

Each price list has to be associated with a season and a benchmark activity and it requires:

  • Price per class
  • Price per class if the course has already started
  • Administration Fees (additional fees that will be automatically added to the final price of the course)

After clicking on Add the course with the price will appear in the table below. 

Class sold individually: after clicking on the Detail button, a window will offer the possibility to enable the sale of a single class of the course by selecting the correspondent box. After it has been enabled, it will be possible to specify the sale price of the single class (it can also be a free trial, so the price can be 0) and make the class available for sale on the E-Commerce.