A season refers to the period of activity of the club.

It is mandatory to create a season and its sub-seasons in order to correctly plan your courses.

Each season requires:

  • Name
  • First day of the season
  • End of the season
  • Sub-seasons

Once a season has been created the system will automatically divide it into the specified sub-seasons, that will be shown in a table. 

Names and dates can be changed through the edit button. 

IMPORTANT: after the planning of courses, changing the date of start and/or end of the season/sub-season will not update the duration of courses.

It is always recommended to store the season/sub-season and create a new one.

If a season has already been created and there is the need to add new sub-seasons, click on the name of the season and click on the button Add in the table below.

For each sub-season you will need to provide the following details:

  • Name
  • Sub-season type
  • Starting date of the sub-season
  • End date of the sub-season
  • Start of Pre-emption (for E-Commerce sales)
  • End of Pre-emption (for E-Commerce sales)
  • Store